Jordy Maxwell is a talented photographer, who brightly emerged into the Perth music scene in January 2017. At 27, Jordy was a late bloomer to music and song writing, but since 2017, has proven how important music is for people to express their stories and to experience an emotion through his heartfelt, honest lyrics and his soulful, raw voice. Though mostly a sunny and lively personality, Jordy can hold an audience with his mix of raw emotion and light-hearted humour to accompany his endearing performances. Jordy will hit all the feels and have you laughing, crying and sometimes even dancing by the end of a show.

Jordy released his debut single, ‘Blue Eyes’ in October 2017 which has since reached a large audience all around the world, Including being a feature track for Surf Brand O’Neil and USA Cinematographer, Connor Guest, where the song featured in a beautiful Short Film called “Never Coming Home”. His debut EP, “Honest” was released a few months later with the EP now reaching over 2.2 million streams on Spotify.

This is a song about wanting to be brave enough to pack it up and leave it all behind. I had someone I loved dearly come back into my life and I felt like I let it slip away by just waiting for things to happen. She bought the rainbows even when it didn’t rain and I let them dissipate into the sky without appreciating how beautiful it was.

– Jordy Mawell On “She came back with rainbows”

An electrician for 12 years in the hills of Perth, Jordy has since ditched the tool belt and has been fortunate enough to tour with Sydney band, Caravana Sun, across Europe, where he played festivals and shows across Amsterdam, UK and Portugal. Things then started rolling as Jordy combined with best mate, Michael Dunstan as they hired a van and drove across Australia in November 2017, Playing 19 shows across 40 days all whilst seeing the raw beauty of their own backyard.

This past October saw Jordy taking his second EP, “Hello, Goodbye”, across Australia, doing a headline tour across 5 major cities in Australia as well as heading across to headline shows in New Zealand for the first time! With 2 singles already released (Long Road Home & You Belong) Jordy’s second EP promises to be as personal, vulnerable and heartfelt as always.

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