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Eryn Allen Kane: a tree planted by water Album

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Erika de Casier: Essentials Album

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Tunde Olaniran: Stranger Album

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Amythyst Kiah: Dig Album

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Hejira: Thread of Gold, The Remixes Album

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Jordy Maxwell: She came Back With Rainbows

Jordy Maxwell is a talented photographer, who brightly emerged into the Perth music scene in January 2017. …
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Black Lab: In A Moment Single

“This sweet life… it goes by in a moment.” …
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Daniel Blake: Heartbreaker Single

Daniel Blake is a compelling singer-songwriter who began by playing open mics, coffee shops & bars in L.A. …
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F e a t u r e d . A r t i s t s

Kyan: Lonely River Single

XJune 15, 2020
Rebellion pulses beneath the surface of Kyan’s sound, from its raw instrumentation to its experimental orchestral interludes and outros, full of unexpected modulations.

Jax Anderson: Heal EP

XJune 12, 2020
Jax champions authenticity in a world filled with fake news, and plants seeds of empathy in a world that constantly tries to separate us.

MIRI: Soundbites EP

XJune 8, 2020
Known for her distinctive soulful vocal tone, MIRI’s brand of rebel music has won fans across the globe over the last few years.